If the Wealth For The World had started in 1970,

it would have given far more than double of the amount of money donated to him to effective charities, as if it had donated its donations directly.

The amount of donations generated by WFTW is almost entirely contingent on the performance of the MSCI-World. Accordingly, we can calculate how much WFTW would have donated per year in the past (given actual MSCI-World performance data).

Such a calculation (also knows as a backtest) gives an indication of how the WFTW fund is likely to perform in the future, e.g. what amount of donations WFTW is potentially able to generate.

Wealth For The World Backtest between 1970 and 2019

Assumption: WFTW raises €10,000 in donations each year (blue line).

Result: The green line maps WFTW's cumulative donations to charitable projects.

Data: Reuters. 2020.
Graph: Wealth For The World (Geld für die Welt e.V.)

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