Building wealth
for people in poverty
We are a non-profit that builds assets for people in extreme poverty.
WealthForTheWorld is a non-profit donation fund. We invest donations to us so that the fund's return follows the return of the global stock market. Every year, we donate one part of the return to organizations that fight poverty.

Donations to WealthForTheWorld are added to the WFTW's assets

The WealthForTheWorld fond growth tracks global equity market returns*

Each year, a portion of the return is donated to non-profits that effectively fight poverty

Impact of a
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The results are calculated using an expected annual real market return of 7%. Based on this return, we have calculated an optimal annual rate to maximise long-term giving of 2%.
Learn how we calculated and set these assumptions.

Donation partners

2016 - today
The WFTW's assets currently stand at and have grown by an average of per year since 2016. This has resulted in donations payouts totalling .

malaria consortium

Preventive medicines against malaria

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Give Directly

Financial support for extremely poor people

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Evidence Action

Preventive deworming treatments

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Donations made by WealthForTheWorld to our partners should generate the greatest possible social added value. This is why we follow the recommendations of GiveWell and Effektiv Spenden, which comprehensively and transparently review the effectiveness of aid organisations.

" identifies the most effective aid organisations worldwide on the basis of the latest scientific findings. In other words, the organisation that does the most good with an extra euro, i.e. helps as many people as possible as much as possible. In addition, we organise tax-privileged donations for this organisation in Germany."

Sebastian Schwiecker
Sebastian Schwiecker
Founder & Managing Director of


on WealthForTheWorld

[T]he idea of the founders of "Money for the World" is longer-term: the assumption is that the invested money will grow over a longer period of time and that afterwards more can be donated than has been collected in donations.
Projects like WealthForTheWorld ensure that we have sufficient funds in the future to be able to fight global problems like extreme poverty effectively.
Sebastian Schwiecker -
Sebastian Schwiecker
Managing Director -
We already have enough resources to provide a good life for all people, we just have to use them wisely. But what is the best way to do this? WealthForTheWorld provides a promising answer.
Manuel Allgaier - Effective Altruism Berlin
Manuel Allgaier
Effective Altruism Berlin -
Even small donations to WealthForTheWorld develop a large volume of donations for good causes in the long term. An absolutely convincing concept!
Guy Luchting
Guy Luchting
Industry Manager, Google Germany
It is above all time that speaks for the model: the assets - which remains untouched - grows with every donation (...) that is reinvested annually.
Many people do not have the opportunity to invest surpluses on the capital markets and thus benefit from long-term positive developments. WFTW addresses this by collecting donations, investing them in the capital market for the long term and both donating and reinvesting the returns - a sustainable approach that I am happy to support!
Nicolas Herrmann
Nicolas Herrmann
Managing Director - Predac Immobilien Management AG