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The return on the assets is paid out to...

... non-profit organisations that fully disclose their use of funds and have the effectiveness of their activities scientifically analysed and evaluated.

Donations to the fund should generate the greatest possible social added value. Pitiful media reports and personal preferences, on the other hand, should have no influence on the fund's decision to donate.
That is why we follow the recommendations of GiveWell, which comprehensively and transparently reviews the effectiveness of aid organisations.

Preventive medicines against malaria

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Financial support for extremely poor people

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Preventive deworming treatments

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To be able to donate the return without transaction costs to organisations outside Germany, we work together with

Sebastian Schwiecker
Managing Director ,

" identifies the most effective aid organisations worldwide on the basis of the latest scientific findings. In other words, the organisation that does the most good with an extra euro, i.e. helps as many people as possible as much as possible. In addition, we organise tax-privileged donations for this organisation in Germany."

Donations made so far

per year
Donation amount
70% of the return
at year-end
2016 18,9 % 1.184 €
GiveDirectly & Deworm The World Initiative
10.958 €
2017 6,7 % 418 €
GiveDirectly & Deworm The World Initiative
16.395 €
2018 -8,3 % no donation
28.838 €
2019 28,4 % 5.556 €
GiveDirectly & Deworm The World Initiative
60.193 €
2020 1,5 % 568 €
GiveDirectly & Malaria Consortium
69.357 €
2021 25,52 % 12.389 €
GiveDirectly & Malaria Consortium
98.743 €
2022 -- open open
Donation history if the fund had been established in 1970.
We have calculated it.
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How much money would WFTW have donated if it had been founded in 1970 instead of 2016?

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