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2016 - today
Methodology: WealthForTheWorld donates 2 percent of its assets every year.
The expected return on the fund is around 7% per annum, so the fund's assets grow despite regular distributions. The resulting compounding effect means that, in the long term, more money can be paid out of the fund than has been paid into it. More information on the methodology
The first 100 donated to WFTW in 2016 accounted for of WFTW's assets in 2023, resulting in a total disbursements of .
Until 2023, 70% of the fund return was donated annually; from 2024, the new donation method will be applied.


The average return on GfdW assets is per year


2016 - today


WFTW assets are invested in ETFs that passively track the global stock market. Thus, the return of the WFTW assets corresponds to the return of the global stock market.


Investment universe: Industrialized Countries
Number of positions: about 1.500
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MSCI Emergig Markets ESG

Investment universe: Emerging Markets
Number of positions: about 2.300
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The portfolio tracks the return of the global equity market by being invested globally in stocks across almost all industries. The MSCI World tracks equity markets in industrialized countries and the MSCI Emerging Markets tracks equity markets in emerging countries.

The entire WFTW portfolio is subject to MSCI Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screening.

The aim of the screening is to ensure that companies that fall short of environmental, social and corporate governance standards are excluded. Learn more.

The portfolio comprises more than 3,000 shares from all regions of the world. This reduces the risk of high losses if individual companies perform poorly or become insolvent.

As a non-profit organization, GeldFürDieWelt is exempt from capital gains tax (25%). Only transactions fees apply.
WealthForTheWorld expenditures

Fees are charged for the service of providing indices as ETFs, which are indicated via TER (Total Expense Ratio).
How is the TER calculated?

TER - MSCI World 0,20 %
TER - MSCI Emerging Markets 0,18 %

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2016 - today
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Up to and including 2023, 70% of the fund's income was donated annually. From 2024, 2% of the fund assets are donated annually. Information on the WealthForTheWorld donation method can be found here.

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November 2023 until October 2024








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