The Wealth For The World assets passively follow the performance of the global stock market. We do not take active investment decisions.


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GfdW donates 70% of the annual return, 30% is reinvested

Composed of
ETFs of the MSCI World

33,3 % - MSCI World ex Controversial Weapons

33,3 % - MSCI World Small Cap

33,3 % - DB Equity Value Factor Index
From foundation 2016 until today

Investment Methodology

We are a non-profit project, not a managed fund. Our goal is not to be better than the market, but to passively follow its long-term upward trend.

That is why we invest in ETFs of the MSCI World Index, which tracks the global stock market. WFTW portfolio composition

If the portfolio's return at the end of the year is positive and greater than €500, 70% of this return is donated to charitable organisations.

How much money would WFTW have donated with this methodology, if it had been founded in 1971 instead of 2016? Find out here.


The Wealth For The World portfolio passively follows the performance of global stock markets. That is, no active investment decisions are made, no attempt is made to beat the market. Further information.

To follow the global stock market, the WFTW portfolio consists of index funds of the MSCI World Index.

Composed of
ETFs of the MSCI World

In contrast to the return premiums of active fund managers, there is historically significant evidence of both a value premium and a size premium. This insight is reflected in the WFTW investment strategy.
Furthermore, the proportion of small and medium-sized companies in the WFTW portfolio is increased compared to large companies via the index funds with Value and Small Cap shares respectively. This minimises cluster risks, and the fund return becomes less dependent on the performance of individual companies within the conventional MSCI World Index.

Performace since our foundation in 2016

WFTW fund performace since 01/14/16 & MSCI-World Benchmark

Total assets of the WFTW fund

incl. incoming / outgoing donations, fund fees and bank charges

Donation payments

Donations from WealthForTheWorld to non profits. For the current year: Estimate based on the current rate of return

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How much money would WFTW have donated if it had been founded in 1970 instead of 2016?

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