WFTW's assets are invested in ETFs, that track the global stock market

If the portfolio's return is positive at the end of the year, 70% of this return is donated to non-profits. 30% remains in assets to enable steady growth.

In the coming years, WFTW will have donated more than it has received in donations.

The first donated to WFTW in 2016 accounted for of WFTW's assets in 2022, resulting in a total disbursements of .

Total assets and donations to and from WealthForTheWorld from 2016 to today.



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WFTW assets are invested in ETFs that passively track the global stock market. Thus, the return of the WFTW assets corresponds to the return of the global stock market.

MSCI World ESG Screened
Investment universe: Industrialized countries
Number of positions: about 1.500
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MSCI EM ESG Screened
Investment universe: Emerging Markets
Number of positions: about 2.300
Provider website
The portfolio tracks the return of the global equity market by being invested globally in stocks across almost all industries.
The MSCI World tracks equity markets in industrialized countries and the MSCI Emerging Markets tracks equity markets in emerging countries.

The entire WFTW portfolio is subject to MSCI Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screening.

The aim of the screening is to ensure that companies that fall short of environmental, social and corporate governance standards are excluded.

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The portfolio comprises more than 3,000 shares from all regions of the world. This reduces the risk of high losses if individual companies perform poorly or become insolvent.

As a non-profit organization, GeldFürDieWelt is exempt from capital gains tax (25%). Only transactions fees apply. WealthForTheWorld expenditures

Fees are charged for the service of providing indices as ETFs, which are indicated via TER (Total Expense Ratio). How is the TER calculated?

TER - MSCI World 0,20 %
TER - MSCI Emerging Markets 0,18 %

The return on the assets is paid out to...

... non-profit organisations that fully disclose their use of funds and have the effectiveness of their activities scientifically analysed and evaluated.

Donations to the fund should generate the greatest possible social added value. Pitiful media reports and personal preferences, on the other hand, should have no influence on the fund's decision to donate.
That is why we follow the recommendations of GiveWell, which comprehensively and transparently reviews the effectiveness of aid organisations.

Preventive medicines against malaria

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Financial support for extremely poor people

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Preventive deworming treatments

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To be able to donate the return without transaction costs to organisations outside Germany, we work together with

Sebastian Schwiecker
Managing Director ,

" identifies the most effective aid organisations worldwide on the basis of the latest scientific findings. In other words, the organisation that does the most good with an extra euro, i.e. helps as many people as possible as much as possible. In addition, we organise tax-privileged donations for this organisation in Germany."

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🚀 Q1-2023 Performance

Return on WFTW assets in the 1st quarter of 2023

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🚀 Q2-2023 Performance

Return on WFTW assets in the 2nd quarter of 2023

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How much money would WFTW have donated if it had been founded in 1970 instead of 2016?