WealthForTheWorld is a signatory to the ITZ

Name, headquarters, address and year of foundation

Geld für die Welt e.V. (non-profit)
Oberhöchstädter Straße 5
61476 Kronberg, Germany
Represented by:
Christoph Lindenberg - Chairman
Julian Lindenberg (Contact ITZ) - Chairman, Treasurer
Registry Court
Amtsgericht Königstein im Taunus
Register-Nummer: VR 1376

Year of foundation: 2015

Complete statutes as well as information on the objectives of our organization

Statutes of the Association 🇩🇪 Information on the objectives of our organisation

Information about the tax exemption

According to the last exemption decision received from the tax office Bad Homburg v.d.H of 25.04.2023 (assessment period 2020 to 2022), our work is exempt from corporate income tax under § 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and under § 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act.

Name and function of key management personnel

Christoph Lindenberg - Chairman
Julian Lindenberg - Chairman, Treasurer
About us

Activity Report

Annual reports

Personnel structure

About us - Team

Information on the origin and use of funds

Detailed information on income and expenditures and the use of funds can be found in our annual reports. All income comes from private donors.
Annual reports Surplus income statement and assets (2016 - 2023) 🇩🇪

Affiliation with third parties


Names of legal entities and persons whose annual donations account for more than 10% of the total annual budget

All donations to WealthForTheWorld come from natural persons.
Share of donations (between 2015 to 2020) about
up to €500 per donor 10%
between €500 and €5,000 per donor 50%
between €5000 and €10000 per donor 40%
more than €10000 per donor 0%

Cost structure

99 %

of the money donated to WealthForTheWorld is invested into WFTW's assets
Total WealthfortheWorld expenses per moth: 15€. Learn more.
The entire team works on a voluntary basis. There are no costs for website design, performance calculation, marketing/PR, fundraising and all other activities.