We know that we are entering unfamiliar territory with our idea. That is precisely why it is a central concern for us to make our work open and transparent.

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Transparency and annual reports

We publish a detailed annual report on our work in which, among other things, costs and expenses are listed in detail.

The German Tax Office regularly audits compliance with the charitable objectives laid down in our Articles of Association.

The annual report is currently only available in German, please contact us for an english 🇬🇧 version.
Information about WealthForTheWorld according to the requirements of Transparency International Deutschland e.V.
All donation-receipts 🇩🇪 for previous donations to our donation partners can be downloaded here.
The current monthly expenses can be viewed here. The exact annual expenditure, costs and income of Wealth For The World are published in the respective annual report.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at mail@gfdw.eu.
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